Teacher Training Course – Learning and integration experience for refugees.

Training program.

1. Learner’s dating game. Contact Box: Presentation of Iliaktida AMKE. Characteristics of the population group (countries of origin, ages, sex, educational- profile). The first day of the unaccompanied minor in the hostel and its adaptation. Guided tour of the hostels. Contact the scientific staff.

2. Principles of intercultural education. The “other” student at school.

3. Bilingualism – first-second foreign language. Bilingualism and linguistic performance. Teaching Greek as a Second Language.

4. The role of the teacher. Difficulties – Challenges (illiteracy, mobility, trauma) – Coping. Teaching methods for illiterates. New technology.

 5. Non-formal education – experiential visit to a non-formal education setting.

 6. Integration into the Greek public school. Providing personal experiences in the schools of Lesvos (with the presence of a student-refugee and a formal teacher education). Operation of today’s Greek educational system.

* at the end of each session the last hour will be for discussion-feedback.

* we anticipate 2 experiential meetings. In the first section: getting to know the hostels of the minors. In the 5th section in non-formal education settings.